Scrubbing with

Bioright good bacteria fighting the bad

A unique cleaning agent based on natural ingredients and microorganisms. That’s cleaning in a sustainable way. What makes this formula even more unique: the good bacteria work proactively. Which means they keep on cleaning after you’ve finished the job. So you can enjoy the clean surfaces even longer.

Cleaner for your home and the environment.

Our Story

Cleaning products are harmful for humans, animals and nature. Time to make a change. BioRight is so refined that cleaning gloves are history. The result of a mind blowing production process.

During this adventure we have developed no less than 7 cleaning products that are pro nature. Even the bottles are made of recycled plastic, except for the cap…

Developed for you
and the planet.

Bioright positive cleaning bacteria


Consciously Clean

A clean house should not be at the expense of a clean world. That’s why we choose: consciously clean. Thanks to our powerful natural formulas, your house will be squeaky clean.

We embrace a clean lifestyle, don’t you? Choose BioRight, consciously clean, without chemicals.


  • No chemicals
  • Natural ingredients
  • Recycled plastic
  • Natural fragrances
  • Biodegradable

100% clean
0% waste

Recycle, Recycle.

BioRight is good for the environment. Both inside and out. Our bottles are made of recycled plastic and are recyclable. This makes waste part of the solution to a cleaner planet.

Your bottle is unique. BioRight bottles are made of recycled plastic which gives each bottle a unique colour.

Work in progress

The cap. A thorn in our side. Our caps and nozzles are recyclable, but we haven’t found the golden ticket yet to make the caps out of recycled plastic. But that isn’t stopping us from finding the solution…